Shower trolleys and benches provide bathing support for users with limited or no mobility. They are both designed to provide a quality bathing experience, whilst enabling easy access for carers. With the right model, bathing and showering can be an enjoyable experience for both user and caregiver, but it is important to choose the right bench or trolley for your environment and its users.  

Mobile Shower Trolleys:  

The Barella is our mobile shower trolley option, available in different sizes and configurations – these can be seen on our website here. The benefits of a mobile shower trolley are: 

  • Fold down sides mean that access can be gained from both sides of the trolley, which is far more convenient for the carer   
  • No installation work required is required, making a mobile shower trolley a great option if you need a quick solution.  
  • Mobile shower trolleys can be moved easily, so they can be used in numerous locations and are not restricted to one room. This can be beneficial as some users or organisations only have hoists in one room e.g., the trolley can be brought into the bedroom, the user hoisted onto it, and taken into the washroom.  
  • The Barella shower trolleys are available in a wide top model, providing more room for safe rolling and manoeuvring. 
  • The Barella shower trolleys are also available in a bariatric model with a higher weight capacity (245kg).  
  • The Barella shower trolleys can be filled so you can create a shallow bath within the trolley. This is ideal for users who enjoy the sensation of a bath more than a shower. 
  • The tilt action can be the patient’s head to be in a tilted position if this is necessary for medical reasons. 
  • Tilting the top (both ways, Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg) allows quick draining, and provides for medical procedures where the head end needs to be lowered. 
  • There are no entrapment risks with a mobile table – as it can be moved away from obstruction as required. 

Fixed Shower Benches:  

We have a range of fixed shower benches on offer – Nivano, CTX, and Premium 150, 175, and 200.  

  • Fixed shower benches are normally mains powered, so there is no need to worry about battery life cycles and remembering to charge. 
  • Wall fixed benches often have a greater height range. The low height is ideal in some cases, including for children or if the carer is disabled. The floor-level reach is also ideal for users that have some mobility and desire to transfer independently. They can crawl onto the bench, as opposed to being hoisted by a carer.  
  • Changing benches can come in different length variations which makes them the better option for rooms where there are space constraints. 
  • Wall fixed benches can fold up to save space, which is great for smaller rooms or where ambulant persons also use the shower area. 
  • Models such as the Nivano and CTX are equipped with a battery backup in the case of a mains power failure.  
Premium 200 Shower Changing Bench

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