Barella Pool Trolley

For use in swimming pool areas

Barella pool trolley 1

The Barella Pool Trolley is designed to provide a convenient transfer of a supine user in and out of a therapy pool.

The trolley is wheeled from changing area to pool side, the the lying surface can be lifted off with a ceiling mounted hoist to be lowered into the pool water.

The trolley can be adjusted for height using a foot-pedal hydraulic pump, and ranges from 55-93cm

The patient surface has an adjustable head/backrest section

The trolley has safety siderails which lift and lower into position.

  • Hoistable patient surface
  • Height adjustable
  • Corrosion resistant stainless frame and components
  • 200kg SWL

Max Dimensions

207 x 86cm

Patient Surface dimensions

190 x 70cm

Height adjustment

55 -93cm

Weifght capacity


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