GoLift patient ceiling hoist

From homes to public spaces, ceiling hoist technology has revolutionised patient independence and made it much easier and safer for caregivers to provide the support that mobility-impaired patients need to transition between different areas.

With many different hoists to choose from, it’s crucial to select the right product for the individual environment. One of our most popular ceiling mounted patient hoists is the Amico GoLift, a great solution for both private residence and public use installations.

The GoLift: Overview

Known as the “Apple” of ceiling hoists thanks to its sleek, discreet design that boasts clean lines, glossy white units and shiny chrome, the GoLift is a state-of-the-art system. Infection control and prevention hasn’t been forgotten, as the smooth edges and round corners eliminate crevices that could trap harmful microorganisms and makes cleaning and sanitisation simple.

Ceiling hoist lifting power

One of the key considerations when choosing any ceiling mounted patient hoist is weight capacity. When it comes to power, the GoLift packs an impressive punch, despite its compact size. You can choose from four models, each with a different maximum weight capacity, meaning there is a hoist suitable for every situation. The model range includes:

  • GoLift 400 – 180kg / 28st
  • GoLift 450 – 205kg / 30st
  • GoLift 700 – 318kg / 50st
  • GoLift 1000 (tandem-unit lifter) – 457kg / 72st

Below, you can watch a quick introduction video to the GoLift hoist

Lift clearance

Every room is unique, and many people are concerned about lift clearance, especially in those rooms with low ceilings. The compact size of the GoLift ensures minimal encroachment into the space, while also enabling it to offer the highest lift height on the market, lifting an additional 100-150mm when compared to other hoists. Nowhere is this benefit clearer than in properties with low ceilings, where this extra height can make moving around the space much safer and easier.

Charging capacity

Patients need their hoist to be ready for use when they need it most and returning it to a base for charge, as is required by some models, isn’t always possible or practical. GoLift’s continuous in-track charging from any location (provided the hoist is stationery) helps ensure that the battery is kept in optimal condition and is ready for use at any time.

Installation and alignment

Every ceiling hoist system require careful and accurate installation to ensure the final product is safe to use. The GoLift is designed with easy installation in mind, with lots of attention paid to user experience. Track accessories allow us to configure the track to perform useful duties such as moving between adjacent rooms.

The GoLift transition gate remains the best accessory available in the ceiling hoist marketplace. Whilst other systems use older ‘crash’ gates which are noisy in use, or electric powered gates which are time-consuming to use and expensive to maintain, GoLift benefits from the MagnAlign magnetic gate locking system, using magnets to align the tracks so the hoist moves smoothly through track sections, enabling comfortable and seamless transition across different spaces.

Reliability, warranty and cost

The GoLift is one of the most reliable ceiling hoists available. And for added peace of mind, the GoLift comes with a full 3 year warranty as standard – compared to the 12 or 24 month warranties offered by most other patient hoist products in the market.

GoLift is a mid-high end patient ceiling hoist offering fantastic reliability, functionality and value for money.

Alternative ceiling hoists on the market

  • Guldmann GH3
  • Arjo Maxi Sky 2
  • AirRise 200
  • Oxford Elara
  • Molift Air 200
  • Likorall 200
Care Spaces

We regularly fit hoist installations, carrying out projects for individuals to help with mobility in their home but also regularly fit hoists and tracking systems in schools and public spaces. Read our many case studies to find out how these projects take shape.

At Wealden Rebab, we work with professionals designing and advising on ideal solutions for patients with physical mobility needs. We’d be delighted to help you find the perfect ceiling hoist for your requirements – just contact us on hello@wealdenrehab.com or call 01634 813388 to speak to the team.