This initial stage is often the most important, but most often overlooked. It is important to include as many stakeholders in this process as is feasible, capturing the processes which happen and understanding the challenges which are being dealt with. This is also the point at which we consider the built environment and the parameters within which we have to work.


Considering the products for their clinical impact as well as spatial effect is important. Very few spaces are so large that layout is inconsequential, very few clients could care less about the aesthetic of their surroundings. We draw up plans that reflect both the practical goals and the aspirations of the team.


Our team is focussed on delivering your agreed design in the most efficient way. We liaise with other trades to make the process as straightforward as possible, handing over a system with clear user training.


We consider it essential to keep your investment in tip-top condition – carrying out regular safety checks and maintenance routines ensures that your investment keeps on giving for as long as possible.

Servicing & Warranty

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Our team of specialists has years of experience working with architects, therapists, care home groups, contractors and Changing Places installations across the UK. Here are some of our team members who bring outstanding product knowledge and experience to our work.

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