Care Spaces’ mission is to provide expert solutions that cut your long-term costs. Equipment maintenance ensures your compliance with regulations whilst keeping your equipment in good working order. 

What is the difference between a Warranty and a Service Contract? 


Each of our products comes with a warranty. The length of the warranty should be clearly stated in the order confirmation email. Our warranties cover unlimited reactive visits and the cost of replacement parts.* 


Each of our service contracts includes at least one annual service (the number of visits to be completed will be noted in your order confirmation). Items such as hoists will be tested and certified to conform with LOLER and PUWER regulations.  

It is important to secure a service contract if you have equipment that needs to meet compliance regulations. Warranties can only be upheld if the equipment has been maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations 

We provide servicing for the following products:

  • Ceiling hoists 
  • Mobile hoists 
  • Changing tables 
  • Shower trolleys  
  • Bath/pool hoists  
  • Care baths 
  • Care WCs

Our servicing packages 

We have Silver and Gold level service packages as well as a service package specifically for Changing Places toilet facilities. These packages include: 

Gold service contract:  

  • Warranty extension 
  • Includes 2 visits per annum to service and test in line with LOLER/PUWER regulations.  
  • Includes responsive callout, parts, or additional labour charges to repair equipment 
  • Available as 1, 3, and 5-year contracts.   


Gold Service

Silver service contract:  

  • Includes 2 visits per annum to service and test in line with LOLER regulations. 
  • Does NOT include responsive callout, parts, or additional labour charges. 
  • Available as 1, 3, 5 and 10-year contracts.  
Silver Service

Changing places service contract:  

  • Includes 2 visits per annum to inspect, service and test the hoist system, nursing bench, basin, and facility accessories with relevant LOLER certificates. 
  • A written report on facility condition along with recommendations for repairs and renewals.  
  • Available as 1, 3, and 5-year contracts 
Changing Places Service


To discuss which of our servicing packages best suits your equipment needs, call us today on 01634 949988 


*Please note: Not all parts are included under warranty, and a quotation for chargeable parts will be given to you to confirm before any work is carried out. Extended warranty contracts can only be valid if your product is serviced. Any issues with a product that is deemed to have been caused by ‘user damage’ will incur a charge.