Introducing CareKitchen

We believe that a kitchen is the heart of a home – a space where everyone should have the opportunity to experience an easily accessible kitchen.

Our approach to designing a kitchen for individuals with limited mobility revolves around the principle of full accessibility. We understand that true inclusivity goes beyond meeting basic standards; it involves creating environments that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of individuals with varying abilities.

The concept of full accessibility encompasses a range of considerations, from mobility and reach to sensory experiences. We meticulously plan the layout to ensure unobstructed pathways and incorporate features such as adjustable countertops and accessible appliances.

To discover out how a CareKitchen can improve accessibility and give you greater independence call one of our specialists on 01634 949988.

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What makes a CareKitchen?

Height-adjustable wall units

Our goal is to make it easy to see and reach everything in all wall cabinets – the solution you choose will depend on ability to reach and if standing or seated.

Screenshot 2024 03 12 at 10.51.09

Height-adjustable worktops

The electrical height-adjustable system allows you to easily adjust the tabletop for the perfect working height for both persons sitting or standing.

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The slab design of Zola opens up a plethora of possibilities for kitchen customisation.

In this image:
Range: Zola Slab
Colour: Ivory

Finish: Gloss

Zola is available in a Gloss, Soft- Matte or Matte finish. You can achieve a sleek, contemporary look through a choice of muted or bold colours and a clever design layout.

Image opposite:
Inset image: Zola
Colour: Light Grey

Finish: Gloss

Screenshot 2024 03 12 at 11.01.08

modern contemporary zola gloss light grey kitchen hero A

Zola Handleless

Less is more with a Zola handleless kitchen with minimal fuss from a streamlined design.

In this image:
Range: Zola Handleless & Slab
Colour: Porcelain & Graphite
Finish: Gloss

The built-in linear pull handle has a sleek and modern design, allowing you to make a stylish statement by choosing from a variety of shapes that suit your preferences.

Image opposite:
Zola Handleless & Slab
Colour: Cashmere, Dust Grey & Carbon
Finish: Gloss

Screenshot 2024 03 12 at 11.01.08

modern contemporary zola gloss dust grey cashmere tavola stained anthracite kitchen hero


Clifden follows a understated, simple design, making it a flexible option for the ideal kitchen.

In this image:
Range: Clifden
Colour: Heritage Green & Porcelain
Finish: Painted

Clifden is adaptable and can be tailored to your preferences and requirements, seamlessly infusing a modern aesthetic into a fully customised kitchen.

Image opposite:
Range: Clifden
Colour: Ivory
Finish: Painted

Screenshot 2024 03 12 at 11.01.08

kitchen stori uform clifden vintage pink light grey hero min


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In your CareKitchen, we specify Slide & Hide ovens – they offer safer access for both wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility.

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We recommend induction hobs for your CareKitchen, they can be designed with easy of access in mind and are inherently safer than gas or radiant-electric models because they don’t involve flames or direct heat.

Integrated appliances

At CareSpaces, we supply a full range of appliances to add functionality to your CareKitchen from fridges & freezers, washers & dryers to dishwashers and coffee machines.

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22936294 NEFF WasherDryers Stage VP3 3840x1700

Washers & Dryers

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