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We’ve spent the past 25 years living and breathing right inside the world of commercial building and architecture, so we understand what’s required to make a project go smoothly.

We seek to understand the opportunities presented by modern building methods, the constraints of budgets and the impact on project timelines.

Our multidisciplinary expertise ensures that you get creative solutions grounded in technical know-how. Whether you are looking at bathrooms, classrooms, bedrooms or pools, we deliver the best result for the space, the users and their carers. 

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“The hoists are easier for staff to use, they’re not a hazard for other children who may be using the rooms and they’re better for the children – they’re smoother and they give them better comfort when they’re being transferred in different positions.”

Sarah Thorpe, Foreland Fields School

The case studies below are just some of the many examples of the amazing spaces we have created, working alongside architects and designers.