Goldsmiths University in South-East London has commissioned a highly specified Changing Places facility.

Placed within the Richard Hoggart building on the main campus, the Changing Places is ideally located for access by any students or visitors.

The main space was created in conjunction with a building contractor who scheduled works and managed the elements such as the construction of the floor drain, installation of the MF ceiling and final decoration.

Care Spaces was tasked with designing and installing the equipment, a list of which was drawn up together with the faculty architect and students.

The antiquarian nature of the building meant that there were certain challenges that had to be overcome in the fixing of equipment. However with one external wall within the room, we were able to fit the ceiling hoist track system using wall brackets on one elevation, and the handy wall post system on the other elevation. The wall post system allows us to transfer the load from the hoist track down onto a solid floor, removing the need for the walls to take any load.

A specialist nursing bench was chosen for its robust design but also for its flat changing surface which would double as a sitting surface for a specific student who planned to use to the bench to aid her standing routine.

An Aquaclean Mera wash-dry WCwas also installed to increase the independence of users, alongside a powered height-adjustable basin.

The facility also features fold-down grab rails, fixed grab rails, a button-operated hand dryer, a full-length mirror, and a mobile privacy screen.