Changing Places Compliant

GoLift Ceiling Hoist system

A discreet and powerful overhead hoist system, available in different configurations

GoLift packs the ceiling-hoist power you need in a compact, discreet design.

State-of-the-art battery technology coupled with all-metal gears allows carers to safely and effortlessly transfer users of varying physical presentation.

3 years warranty 

Available in 4 configurations:

GoLift 400 –  28st / 181kg SWL – GO-LIFT-FT-400-LS

GoLift 450 – 32st/205kg SWL – GO-LIFT-FT-450-LS

GoLift 700 – 50st / 318kg SWL – GO-LIFT-FT-700-LS

GoLift 1000 tandem unit – 72st / 453kg SWL – GO-LIFT-1000-3.3AH

  • Most compact unit available for discreet installations
  • Multiple track layout options
  • In-rail battery charging
  • Convenient magnetic hand control
  • Choice of sling spreader bars
  • Matt white track blends into ceiling
  • Popular for Changing Places installation

Physical dimension - Length


Physical dimension - Width


Physical dimension - Height


Strap Length


Unit Weight

(28st) 4kg / (50st) 5kg

ISO 10535 -06 CE


Service Life

10 years

Maximium Lift Speed


Battery Type

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Number of Lifts per charge

170 (28st)

Accessories available for the GoLift Ceiling Hoist system

GoLift Scale 3

Patient Scale

The Patient scale has a compact design that helps to measure the user's weight. It can be easily attached to the GoLift lift tape using the quick release system allowing the spreader bar to be reconnected beneath the scale.

4 hook carry bar

4 Hook Carry Bar

This 4 hook carry bar increase the adjustability of the sling loop connections points, ensuring the user gets the most comfortable lift.

4 point carry bar

4 Point Carry Bar

The 4-point carry bar is a mounting solution with wider support points catering to bariatric users.

MagnAlign Transition Gate 1

MagnAlign Transition Gate

Our MagnAlign transition gate fits between an XY track system and a straight rail to create seamless movements for the GoLift hoist to pass safely between the two tracks.



The Turntable is suitable for installations where junctions are required in a track or when a track is required. Providing ultimate flexibility in lift and transfer situations that demand a wide range of locations. Available in manual or powered versions.

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GoLift introduction

GoLift product overview

GoLift emergency button reset


GoLift LED light sequences

The GoLift continues to lead the field in technology, whilst keeping its approach simple and user-friendly.

The compact size brings multiple benefits:

  • Low lift height – maximise space and minimise transfers, even in environments with low ceilings
  • Additional lifting height compared to other ceiling hoists on the market
  • Aesthetically pleasing yet functional design – leading to higher patient acceptance, contributing to a homelier environment and helping address infection control requirements
  • Hoist design meets an extensive variety of needs, including extra tall and bariatric users based on additional available lifting height.

The GoLift track is equipped with an in-rail charging system which promotes ease of use for independent users and so carers aren’t constantly having to plug in the hoist for routine charging. This means that the hoist is always ready to go – plus you minimize  ongoing costs associated with replacment batteries.

  • Always ready to lift – instant mechanical and electrical connection, and the battery is always at max capacity
  • Save carer time – by removing the need to look for charging points
  • Minimise battery damage – by preventing deep discharge
  • Soft start/stop functionality – so the lift doesn’t startle the patient
  • Silent charger and automatic light switch-off – so you don’t have obtrusive background noise and lights

The GoLift handset is designed to be user friendly – making life easier for carers and helping facilitate patient independence.

The handset is comfortable to hold, designed to be easy for users with limited dexterity or hand function to operate. Plus, the handset is magnetic, so it sticks to the spreader bar – meaning it’s conveniently stored between uses, and easy to find when you’re ready to transfer.

  • Small and simple to handle
  • Light touch operation makes it easy for carers and patients with limited dexterity
  • Magnetic attachment to the spreader bar so always within easy reach
  • Cable entry into the top of the handset for intuitive operation
  • Large illuminated section shows charging status

GoLift is designed to meet the needs of the persons requirements and care environment – no matter how complex. From room coverage requirements to low ceilings, you benefit from a wide range of features that help you meet user needs easily and cost effectively.

GoTrack is available in 3 different depths starting at just 60mm high – this super-slimline profile helps maximise lift height and improve aesthetics. Double and triple track profiles offer additional capacity.

We also offer a wide range of accessories which help us to deliver a track system which is cost-effective, saves carer time and lowers stress in the transfer


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