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AquaClean Mera Care Shower Toilet

The AquaClean Mera Care shower toilet is designed to put you in control.


AquaClean Mera Care

The new Mera Care benefits from personalised comfort; it can be controlled via push-button controls on the side of the toilet, via the remote control (which also controls all the adjustment functions), via the touch-free controller or via the Geberit app (for IOS, Android and Windows 10).

The toilet now has automatic flushing, operating when a user stands

A “shower-chair” mode allows the toilet to be used successfully with a mobile shower chair such as a RAZ AT

The Mera Care offers a warm water wash up to 55 seconds long – leading the industry and highly beneficial for some users.

Every aspect of its functioning can be adjusted, from the position of the spray arm to the water temperature and intensity, and the dryer setting.

The user can control the process either using a pushbutton control panel on the side of the toilet or a neat handheld remote, or using a touch-free control. There is also an app which will save up to four individual user profiles, with preferred settings for every action, including flushing.

WhirlSpray shower technology allows for five adjustable shower pressure settings, with a slight oscillating movement which ensures a feeling of exceptional cleanliness.

An extended water washing cycle is also possible – up to two minutes, as the continuous flow heater and built-in immersion heater keep the warm water tank full.

Quiet TurboFlush technology and a rimless ceramic pan ensure excellent flushing and great hygiene: no awkward areas that are difficult to clean. The ceramic has a unique dirt repellent finish which makes it easy to care for.

When the Mera Care is installed, the height can be set anywhere from 440 mm to 560 mm, depending on the user’s requirements. This is achieved thanks to the built-in height adjustable stainless steel frame.

The specially strengthened seat has been designed to be sturdy enough to withstand sideways transfers. It has a safe working load of 190 kg.

5 years warranty


  • Individually adjustable spray settings
  • Oscillating spray arm
  • Lady-wash function
  • Automatic flushing via user detection
  • Flush actuation from remote control
  • Bluetooth connected remote controls
  • Touch-free operation included
  • Warm air-dryer
  • Programmable user profiles
  • Continuous flow heater for constant warm water
  • Free of charge five-year warranty
  • Use with a tailored smart-phone app



Protection class


Protection degree


Nominal voltage

230 V AC

Mains frequency


Power consumption


Power consumption standby


Flow pressure (bar)

0.5 - 10bar

Flow pressure (kPa)

50 - 1000 kPa

Operating temperature

5 - 40°C

Water temperature adjustment range

34 - 40°C

Flush Volume factory setting

6 & 4L

Air Volume Flow Rate, dryer


Air volume flow rater, odour extraction (m3/h)


Calculated flow rate

0.03 l/s

Flow rate, anal shower

1.1 - 2.0 l/min

Minimum flow pressure for calculated flow rate


Flow rate, lady shower

0.4 - 0.7 l/min

Minimum flow pressure for calculated flow rate


Washing time per activation

30 - 50s

Maximum load WC seat


Watch this useful introduction to the Aquaclean Mera Care WC

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