Pool In The Park, a community leisure pool in Woking, undertook a refurbishment of their facilities during the spring/summer of 2020

As part of the works, they planned to improve their changing areas and following representation from disabled users, attracted funding to include three changing rooms with specialist equipment.

Care Spaces assisted the architect with the layout of equipment within the rooms, and consulted on service positions and structural loading.

We then worked for the main contractor, installing during the first pandemic lockdown, in order to keep them on track for their handover timeline

The hoist systems are fitted to wall post systems due to the complexity of the above-ceiling services. The ceilings have been installed at 2.6m which maintains an excellent lifting height for the hoists. The client upgraded our original plans by opting for an AquaClean Mera Care automatic WC. This advanced auto-WC has adjustable water temperature and spray pattern, all controlled from a simple remote hand control.

The Changing Places room features a Premium 200 bench, which has a generous platform and a comfortable concave shape to reassure users.

The Barella shower trolley offers users the ability to move the changing platform away from the wall, and even to the poolside if required. The high safety sides give confidence to user and care assistants alike.

The CTX changing table is located within the third room. This table has a full size platform but is a little more compact overall, and gives more space for manoeuvring within the room.

The GoLift hoist systems in both rooms benefit from in-rail constant charge systems, removing concerns that hoists could be left without charge.

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