Working with our client from an early stage in the project, it was soon clear that they had some clear objectives for the equipment in their new facility.

Assisting with the room system layouts following a site survey, and developing a fixing strategy across every room was our inital task. The old building had some interesting features which either had to be avoided completely or treated with care to ensure a solid fix was acheived.

Developing a system which worked with the hydro pool and the two adjacent hygiene rooms was interesting – the custom-made doors had to be edited so that the hoist tracks could pass through from room to room.

The new build was constructed with concrete soffits and featured suspended acoustic baffles which determined where the rails could be suspended

The handover was delayed due to the onset on the Covid19 pandemic, but in September 2020 the school opened and training was delivered to the teaching staff prior to the arrival of the students.

The final project looks stunning with high quality hardware, LED lighting and spacious corridors. The £9.07M project was completed with ARJ Construction