I-Swim 3 Pool Hoist

An innovative and versatile pool lift, adaptable to your needs

A smart solution for pool decks, wellness centres, and rehabilitation facilities, I-swim3 stands out from the rest.  The moveable arms provide great flexibility and multiple configurations.

The I-Swim 3 can be ordered in two different sizes: standard with 180kg lifting capacity, or MAXI with an extended lifting arm and 250kg lifting capacity.

The pool hoist can be equipped with a fixed seat, a detachable seat or with a detachable stretcher.

The device can be configured for different settings and users by adjusting the lifting arm in four different positions.

Different stretchers or seat models can be ordered separately; this allows a single lift to be quickly configured to meet different needs.

A lift fixing kit must be ordered separately, and customers can choose between a square foot and a round foot. The I-Swim 3 maxi is only available with a square foot

2 years warranty 

I-Swim3, 180kg – N6701

I-Swim3, 250kg – N6701-MAXI

  •  Aluminium / Stainless Steel construction
  • Lifting capacity: 180kg / 250kg MAXI
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Lifting Cycles: 50 cycles


Aluminium / Stainless Steel




Powder Coating

Lifting Capacity

Standard= 180kg / Maxi= 250kg


24v battery

Battery Charger


Battery Duration

50 Cycles


4 Button Pendant Switch, Emergency Stop, Battery Load Indicator

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I-Swim 3 Pool Hoist - an introduction

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