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Kiva Fusion Care Bath

A height adjustable bath with integrated features for the ideal bathing experience

The Kiva Fusion, featuring a height-adjustable bath and an integrated soft glide neatfold stretcher, represents the ultimate convergence of bathing, changing, and showering functionalities. What sets this bath apart is its integrated guards, ensuring a safe changing experience on the neatfold platform without the need for constant guard adjustments. Building upon the classic Kiva bath, this innovative design introduces numerous enhancements.

The Kiva Fusion bath has a generous internal and external dimension, providing added comfort and space for bathers to stretch and unwind. The neatfold stretcher seamlessly covers the entire length and width of the bath, offering ample room for changing and showering. It can be conveniently folded away to the side of the bath top or along the bath’s edge.

Equipped with a modern digital controller, users can easily adjust water flow and temperature through the bath spout or trigger shower head. The controls extend beyond the physical interface, allowing regulation through a smartphone app or integration with a smart home system, complete with an auto-fill feature.

3 years warranty


  • A fusion of bathing, changing and showering in one
  • Height adjustable for carer comfort
  • Large capacity for internal supports and future growth
  • Smooth glide integrated neatfold stretcher
  • Foldaway integrated guards

Optional Features 

  • Air Spa
  • Chromotherapy twin LED system
  • Bluetooth music integration
  • Internal knee blocks/universal footboard
  • Body, head and neck support cushions
  • Service & maintenance packages

IP rating


Duty cycle

10% max, 2 mins use, 18 mins rest

Supply voltage

230v, 50Hz

Weight of spa option


Dry weight


Total output power


Power consumption


Protection class

Class 1

Water capacity, tub full without client

280 litres

Safe working load


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