MoLift Duo

The MoLift Duo is a free standing gantry, a system that is easy to install and best suited as a temporary hoist application settings.

The MoLift Duo is a flexible, freestanding gantry system suitable for temporary hoist applications in hospitals, nursing homes or private homes.

The MoLift Rail System Duo has a lightweight aluminium construction and a functional design which makes the gantry system easy to install, dismantle and move elsewhere. In combination with MoLift Air or MoLift Nomad lift motor and a sling, MoLift Rail System Duo solves all overhead lifting situations, whatever the environment. With a lifting capacity of 300 kg (660 lbs), it is ideal for lifting and transferring a person from or to; bed, floor, chair, wheelchair, toilet etc.

2 year warranty

Available configurations:

MoLift Duo – 2000 – N7629

MoLift Duo – 2500 – N7630

MoLift Duo – 3000 – N7632

MoLift Duo – 3500 – N7633

  • Easy to install
  • Supreme stability
  • Adjustable height
  • Charging through hand control

Physical dimension - length


Physical dimension - width


Physical dimension - height


Unit weight


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