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Palma Vita Care Toilet

The ultimate automatic wash and dry toilet

The Palma Vita Care Toilet is the innovative blend of a conventional toilet, with an integrated washing and drying system.

This care toilet was designed to provide expert postural support and positioning for the user.

The effective flush, wash and dry cycle can be activated either by a push of the elbow pad, a remote control, a movement-sensitive switch or a pneumatic hand/foot switch. There are also a range of additional accessories, meaning that the toilet’s functions can be  tailored to specific needs.

1 year warranty


Additional accessories:

  • Soft seat options
  • Bariatric seat
  • Alternate douche arms
  • Various control options
  • Fold down support arms
  • Soft arm sleeves
  • Lateral body supports
  • Plinths
  • Infill panel

Maximum user weight ( with Standard Seat)

190 kg (30 Stone)

Maximum user weight ( with Big John Seat)

362 kg (57 Stone)

Height to the top of standard seat

44.5-54.5 cm

Overall height

86.9-96.9 cm

Water temp


Warm wash duration

10-15 seconds (min)

Warm dry duration

3 minutes (min)

Wash flow rate

8 litres per minute

Air dryer flow rate

15m3 / hour

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