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Premium Matrix Basin

A washbasin with a unique design


Front mounted integrated operating buttons, adjust the height of the wash basin by up to 200mm. The operating buttons clearly indicate up and down and are easy to use.

The washbasin design includes integrated hand grips with rounded edges for a comfortable and secure hold.

The size and shape of the wash basin with an inward curving front edge enables standing and seated users to get close to running water and operate the tap. Rounded corners make MATRIX basins easy to clean. The raised back edge and surface profile directs water splashes back into the bowl.

MATRIX wash basin brackets are mounted on the wall away from the floor. This provides space for wheelchair foot plates and coved slip resistant flooring.

The concealed plumbing improves hygiene and provides better access underneath.

Matrix Medium wash basin is available in both a powered and manual version.

5 years warranty

Product codes

Wash Basin Brackets
Powered PR2122 PR4827
Manual PR2120 PR4825


  • 200mm height adjustment
  • One piece bowl with integrated height adjustment buttons
  • Slim-line profile maximises space in the bathroom
  • Handgrips within the bowl provide additional support


Washbasin material

Cultured marble with high-polished, pore free sanitary gel coating

Washbasin bracket material

Powder-coated steel & polystyrene

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