Vector Platform Lift

Vector Platform Lift is designed to complement any public or commercial environment. 

Because of its size and weight capacity, this product is perfect for schools, office blocks, hospitals, care homes, and retail shops.

As a self-contained unit, the Vector Platform lift eliminates the need for additional machine rooms and pump boxes, making it ideal for restricted or listed buildings.

  • 50mm pit or ramp
  • No head fixing, machine room or oil points
  • Quiet and energy-efficient
  • Quick installation
  • 8 platform lift sizes

Technical Specification

Platform Rate load Structural opening* Part M compliance
900 x 1040mm (800mm doors) 250kg 1305 x 1190mm N/A
900 x 1280mm (800mm doors) 410kg 1305 x 1430mm N/A
900 x 1480mm (800mm doors) 410 / 500*kg 1305 x 1630mm Through or single entry
1000 x 1280mm 410kg 1405 x 1430mm N/A
1000 x 1480mm 410 / 500*kg 1405 x 1630mm Through or single entry
1000 x 1980mm 500*kg 1405 x 2130mm Through or single entry
1100 x 1480mm 410 / 500*kg 1505 x 1630mm *For adjacent entry – 1530 x 1630mm Through or single entry
1100 x 1580mm 500*kg 1305 x 1730mm *For adjacent entry – 1530 x 1730mm Through or single entry

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