Toilet Support Arms

Toilet support arms are a great aid if you need to get on and off the toilet safely.

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Their ergonomic shapes provide a comfortable grip, and their cleaning-friendly surfaces ensure optimal hygiene.

Designed with two heights and an anti-slip surface, they offer a firm grip from both standing and seated positions. For additional support when getting up or sitting down, you can mount the standing/sitting attachments.

The support arms are height-adjustable to suit individual needs and can be folded up vertically to create extra room in the bathroom.

  • Model Straight – length 900mm
  • Max. user weight 190kg
  • Fold-up, wall mounted
  • Possibility of height adjustment 120mm (Accessory)

Different styles

Wave or Straight


760mm / 900mm

Max user weight

190kg / 390kg

Height Adjustment


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