Valiryo Body Dryer

An innovative body dryer enabling effortless drying for individuals with limited mobility.

Valiryo Body Dryer (8)

The Valiryo body dryer is an innovative care equipment that is ideal for users with limited mobility. It removes the uncomfortable drying process with the friction of the towel against the skin and the discomfort and difficulty many users experience when drying with them.

They are environmentally conscious, reducing the towel laundry, saving on electricity and water usage. Furthermore, enhancing independence and reducing the risk of falls by eliminating the need for intricate towel maneuvers.


  • Water resistant
  • Motion sensor for contactless switch-on
  • Adjustable temperature and intensity
  • Safe, durable and resistant materials
  • Lower diffusers to enhance safety


2180 x 295 x 28mm



Packing weight


Motor speeds


Antibacterial treatments

Silver ions

Number of diffusers


Drying time

3 minutes average

Auto stop time

9 minutes

Air speed

100km/h (62.14mph)

Temperature rises above room temperature

+32 degrees

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