CareSpaces was delighted to be approached with a second project for North Northamptonshire County Council with the request, utilising Changing Places funding, for a Changing Place facility within Corby Cube. This multistorey building is home to a large number of municipal services, including the council headquarters and a library located on the first floor.

The project manager and building maintenance officer identified a space within the building that seemed suitable and referred to CareSpaces. We attended the site and completed a survey, confirming that with some adjustments, the space would be a good fit for a Changing Place toilet. We submitted plans to MDUK and waited for approval.

Keeping noise and disruption to a minimum

The greatest challenge posed by this project was the proximity of the Changing Place to the library. Unable to close the facility to the public, any noisy activity needed to take place before or after the usual library opening hours. However, the location also caused additional health and safety concerns. This is because the only access to the Changing Place was through the library itself or in a service lift, meaning that additional care needed to be taken to ensure the safety of the public, and to ensure minimal disruption to the day-to-day services taking place within the building.

Creating extra space

Since a Changing Places toilet should be at least 12 square meters to provide adequate space for the user, turning space for a wheelchair and room for two carers if they are required, it was necessary to remove a wall between two adjacent rooms. This created enough space to meet the necessary standards and create a functional Changing Place toilet.

The enlarged space was completely refurbished to create the new Changing Place, with new flooring, a new suspended ceiling with LED lighting and painted plaster on the internal walls. We decorated the spaces behind the WC and basin in a different colour to maximise contrast and add some visual interest to the room.

The equipment was installed and commissioned over two days, before the space was cleaned and made ready for handover. CareSpaces delivered a session of awareness training to the onsite facilities team before the room was opened to the public.

Finally, way-finding signage was installed within the building, to enable users to easily find their way to the new Changing Place. This facility has now been completed and can be seen on the Changing Places UK Changing Places toilet map.

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