This case study focuses on the requirement for a Changing Place toilet within the Queen Mother Sports Centre, Victoria, London. Westminster Council put the project for this Changing Place out to tender under the Government Changing Places funding scheme. It was to be delivered in conjunction with another Changing Place for Paddington Recreation Ground (which we’ll talk about in a separate case study), and we were delighted to be successful.

This Changing Place facility was to be located within the existing sports centre, and a space that had previously been a storeroom/staff break room had been identified for the site of the new facility. However, the identified space was in a poor state of repair, which meant that it would need to be completely stripped out, with carpets, internal walls and suspended ceiling removed before work on the Changing Places installation could commence.

CareSpaces attended the location to take measurements of the available space, and proposed the new layout which was then approved by the client and MDUK.

Computer says no

Once approval was received, work started on clearing the existing space. One of the biggest challenges of this build was the discovery of a small room within the space. This room housed a data cabinet responsible for the computer network of the entire sports centre and that contained hundreds of cables. We quickly realised that we couldn’t move or alter the position of the data cabinet and instead, we had to redesign the access to/from the room. We also formed a fire-retardant structure around the data cabinet and locked the doors to the unit to keep the data hub as safe as possible.

Queen Mother Sport's Centre - Changing Places

Other features of this Changing Place included:

  • Formation of an access corridor to the Changing Place
  • Widening the doorway for easier access into and out of the Changing Place
  • Blocking up a high-level window
  • Installing a new suspended ceiling with a higher ceiling height
  • White Rock hygienic cladding
  • Non-slip welded, vinyl flooring
  • New flooring laid in the access corridor that matched the flooring in the wider sport’s centre

The client opted for the GoLift hoist and slimline wall posts as access to structural soffits proved complex. The client also chose mid-range fixtures and fittings including a premium 200 nursing bench and thermostatic taps on the wash basin.

The entire project took 5 weeks from stripping out the old space to handover of the completed Changing Place, which the client is now in the process of registering on the National Map.

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