Heron Pool Hoist

Heron is a stainless steel pool hoist with a powered patient lift

The Heron pool hoist is manufactured from stainless steel with a painted finish, which gives the hoist an unprecedented lifespan given the environment in which it is designed to operate. Available in 4 designs, it is very configurable and flexible and will work with pools either above or below ground level.

Heron is powered in its lift, by a battery-powered electric motor, for effortless patient transfers.

The rotation is manual giving the operators fine control. This pool hoist is available with a spreader bar which promotes the use of a soft sling which is individually assessed for and meets the person’s postural and safety needs. The spreader bar provides a wider client range of accessibility into the pool.

2 years warranty 

Heron Pool Lift E with seat – N3242-0

Heron Pool Lift E with spreader bar – N3242-1

Heron Pool Lift E Maxi with seat – N3242-2

Heron Pool Lift E Maxi with spreader bar – N3242-3

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Can be used on either above ground or below ground swimming pools
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Different fixing options
  • Spreader bar or seat options

Safe working load



35 - 38 kg


24v 2900mAh

Emergency descent


Pool Socket –

Concealed fixing consisting of a stainless steel socket, which provides secure housing for the pivot pin. Complete with cap.

Pool Plate –

Surface-mounted fixing method by means of a stainless steel plate. An ABS cover is provided.


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Patient Transfer Style

Detachable Seat and Mobile Chassis, Spreader Bar for Sling connection

Pool Design

Below ground pool, Above ground pool

Socket Type

Pool Plate (above ground), Pool Socket (in ground)

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