Our client has invested in a brand new hydrotherapy pool with an adjacent hygiene and changing room block.

This project included designing and installing an overhead hoisting system that would connect the two changing areas within the pool. The client also required a poolside transfer hoist with a chair and the changing areas each required a mobile shower changing trolley.

We designed an overhead hoisting system using the GoLift 400 ceiling hoist, deploying XY room-cover systems in the changing areas, with a connecting track to transport users to and from the pool. Turntables and transition gates enable the track system to be user friendly whilst ensuring maximum access over the pol and changing benches.

We installed a Heron poolside hoist, equipped with a detachable chair. The client also chose to have extra chairs with BOSS moulded shower supports mounted for those who require extra support during transfers.

Two Barella shower trolleys were delivered to the changing areas, providing a robust and stable height adjustable hygiene surface.