At Care Spaces, the wellbeing of our clients is at the heart of our business and priorities. We therefore need to ensure that our clients and caregivers receive the best advice with regards to all our products, so that safety is never compromised.

Technical Bulletin

A recent Bulletin from Joerns Healthcare has raised a concern regarding the framework of the Oxford Dipper. Joerns has identified that corrosion of the device’s mild steel framework can potentially occur throughout the seven-year lifetime of the product. Read the Technical Bulletin here

How old is your Dipper?

If you have a Dipper hoist installed, Joerns Healthcare states in accordance with the manufacturer’s user guide, the need to ensure your Dipper product is thoroughly examined and load tested every six months. With the recommended servicing and additional checks highlighted in the Technical Bulletin, your Dipper hoist should continue to be a reliable and safe method for users to enter the water.

However, the expected life of the Oxford Dipper product purchased before January 2023 is 7 years and it is highly recommended that you replace the pool hoist if approaching the end of its life span.

Care Spaces Scrappage scheme

In light of this new 2023 advisory from Joerns, Care Spaces are keen to ensure our customers’ inconvenience is at a minimum and we are here to support and advise should a new hoist be required.  Should you require a replacement hoist for your Dipper product, we’ve introduced a scrappage scheme which offers customers an easy route to a replacement and extra value with a generous saving on your replacement purchase.

We take care of the process for you and are offering a discount on your replacement purchase on selected models.

FAQ about the Dipper Scrappage Scheme
  1. What discount is available through the Oxford Dipper scrappage scheme?
    A £250 discount is available when replacing a condemned Dipper Pool-Side hoist.
  2. Does the discount still apply if I purchase a different replacement model?
    This offer is valid whether our customers choose to replace their old unit with an upgraded Dipper, or opt for our newer stainless-steel model – the Heron Pool Hoist.
  3. Will work be required for the hoist re-install?
    New pool hoists can be easily installed using your existing Dipper Socket, regardless of the replacement model chosen.
  4. Will I receive certification that the replacement hoist is operationally sound?
    Care Spaces will weight test and certificate the new hoist.
  5. What will happen to the old hoist?
    Care Spaces will take care of the removal of your old unit.
  6. When does the scrappage scheme end?
    The dipper scrappage scheme will run until 31st December 2023.

For more information on the scrappage scheme, please don’t hesitate to contact the Care Spaces team on 01634 949988.

Which pool hoist is best?

The Oxford Dipper Pool-Side Hoist continues to be a proven, reliable, and safe method of gaining access to the water, and Dipper models purchased from January 2023 are manufactured from stainless steel with improved corrosion resistance and an increased expected lifespan of 10 years.

We offer a broad range of pool hoists to cater for diverse environments. For an alternative pool hoist to the hydraulic Dipper, we recommend the battery-powered Heron Hoist, which has a proven track record in this demanding environment. Other benefits of the Heron include:

  • Manufactured with high-grade stainless steel
  • Fits in your existing Oxford Dipper socket for easy installation
  • Battery powered lift and lower allowing for effortless patient transfer
  • Manual rotation to ensure operators have fine control
  • Spreader bar and transportable seat options available, providing a large range of client support
  • Suitable for both above or below ground level pools
  • 135kg weight capacity


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Heron Pool Hoist

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It can be a concern when a product has a potential manufacture fault and since pool hoists are a significant capital expense, our team are here to guide you and help with your servicing or choice of replacement hoist.

If you think you’ll be needing to replace your old Oxford Dipper Hoist or would like to discuss our pool hoist servicing options, email us today or call 0845 658 8411. We look forward to hearing from you.