Incorporating a Changing Places toilet facility doesn’t necessarily mean you have to adjust an existing structure. For many locations that don’t have that flexibility, a modular stand-alone Changing Places will help!

modular changing Places

The Changing Places toilet scheme and government funding is helping local authorities, education establishments, leisure centres and tourist attractions create more accessible toileting facilities across the UK.

What are modular Changing Places?

Modular Changing Places are pre-built units that can be situated wherever needed to provide adequate facilities for disabled users.

What does a compliant Changing Places facility look like?

The video below demonstrates the compliance requirements of a Changing Places toilet facility. We also share some useful tips and tricks, to assist in making the space safer and more practical.

Watch our guided walkthrough of the Changing Places toilet project we completed at the Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading.

What are modular Changing Places?

Modular Changing Places are pre-built units that can be situated wherever needed to provide adequate facilities for disabled users.


Why choose a modular Changing Places toilet?

BS 8300-2:2018 standards recommends that a Changing Places toilet should be at least 12 square metres in size (3m wide by 4m long with a ceiling height of 2.4m). This extra space is what makes the difference in a Changing Places facility as standard accessible toilets are often too small for some wheelchair users who require assistance to use the bathroom.

Find out more and read our blog, What size should a Changing Place facility be?

We’ve found that the most common reason for choosing a modular option is that an existing building does not have the space to accommodate the Changing Places room specifications. There are also circumstances where some structures may hold a listed status, likely making a Changing Places installation less viable. With a modular building comes flexibility, and choosing a modular Changing Places facility simply gives our customers the opportunity to position accessible toileting in the best location.

Modular, off-site construction is an extremely popular method because of the many benefits it brings to the construction process. Modular construction is not only faster than a traditional onsite build (often up to 50% faster) but provides an extremely energy-efficient and low-carbon solution.

In summary, the benefits of modular include:

  • Better value for the customer
  • A much faster construction timeframe
  • Consistent quality control
  • A controlled build environment removes cost creep
  • Reduced material waste
  • Lower carbon emissions from transportation in comparison to on-site construction
  • Reduced site disturbance with minimal vehicle movements
  • Increased safety and security of workers
  • A reduced risk of weather disruption


The Care Capsule™ revolution

Care Spaces can help you install a modular Changing Places unit. Installing one of our Care Capsule™ modular units is a quick and effective way of incorporating a compliant Changing Place toilet into your environment. There is no limit to the additional width and length of your structure and your Care Capsule™ modular unit will be tailored and finished to your specification, both internally and externally.

Complete peace of mind

Our Care Spaces expert team have years of experience working with architects, occupational therapists, tier 1 contractors and M&E subcontractors. We bring outstanding product knowledge to the table, so you can be assured not only that the finished building will meet all the requirements of BS8300, but that it will exceed your customers expectations by way of its usability.

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