BS 8300-2:2018 recommends that a Changing Places toilet should be at least 12 square metres in size (3m wide by 4m long with a ceiling height of 2.4m). This extra space is what makes a Changing Places facility special: standard accessible toilets are often too small for some wheelchair users who require assistance to use the bathroom.  

To be able to register your Changing Places facility with the Changing Places Consortium and be listed on the toilet map, your facility must be at least 10 square metres. However, this is only acceptable within an existing building. A room of this size meets the bare minimum requirements in the Changing Places standard. Although possible, this size isn’t ideal; often we cannot fit all the elements required for a fully compliant Changing Places within such limited space.

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If your facilities do not meet the British Standard size of 12 square metres, some people may still be unable to use them. 

To ensure your Changing Places toilet caters for everyone, we have compiled some other factors to consider when assessing your space: 

  • Enough room for a turning space of 2m x 1.8m 
  • An entrance door with a minimum clear opening of 1m  
  • Step free access 
  • Enough space for the disabled individual and up to two carers to move around 

A Changing Places toilet doesn’t have a maximum dimension and can be as large as your site allows or is needed.   

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