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How much does a Changing Place cost to install? The reality is that there is no simple answer, but we’ll try to explain some of the detail behind the answer in this blog.

Installing a Changing Place for your facility means making a number of important choices, all of which can affect the total cost of your project.

Understanding Changing Places

Changing Places are more than just a toilet designed with a little more space for disabled users.

These larger, accessible toilets have been specifically created for people with profound or multiple disabilities who need more than just a little bit of extra space to be able to use them effectively. Instead, they are fitted with specialist equipment and have enough space for up to two carers to successfully support the person with the disability to use them.

Not just any space can be a Changing Place. A Changing Places must comply to the British Standard BS8300:2018 to be registered on the Changing Places map and to be allowed to use the Changing Places logo on the door. This ensures that all Changing Places meet the expectations and needs of those who use them.

Maximum usability for an optimal experience

When it comes to creating a Changing Places, detail is of the upmost importance. While it is enough to simply complete a Changing Place to the basic standard required to be registered, at Care Spaces, we aim for each Changing Place to offer maximum serviceability to the user. We do this through a process of continual learning and feedback to modify and optimise the room design and layout, and the equipment it contains to ensure it functions at the highest level. This helps the user have the best possible experience.

How much does a Changing Place cost?

One of the first questions we are often asked about a Changing Place is “how much will it cost”? The important thing to understand is that while each Changing Place needs to meet the correct standards, there are different options available depending on what you want for your facility. For example, you can choose between:

  • Standard taps or infra-red detection automatic taps
  • A wall-mounted or a mobile changing bench
  • Powered or manual basin height-adjustment
  • Stainless steel or plastic-coated handrails

With different materials and finishes, and an array of different equipment types to choose from, you really can customise your Changing Place, not only to suit your customer’s needs, but also to fit in with your organisation’s style.

As of January 2023, a ballpark figure for the Changing Places equipment typically ranges from £15,500 to £22,000 depending on the options you choose. This includes design, delivery, testing and commissioning.

To make things easier for our customers, we offer three Changing Places packages. Known as Bronze, Silver and Gold, these packages can be customised further if you’d like, but the different levels prove very helpful for customers who are looking to install a Changing Place for the very first time and who’d like some guidance on the options available. All our packages come with high quality furnishings and equipment, with a minimum three year warranty as standard.

Please note that the prices quoted in this blog include installation, testing and certification, but do not include any building or site preparation costs.

Expert advice and support at every stage of the process

We’ll act as your partner at every stage of the design and installation of your Changing Place. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can offer their advice on size, spacing and placement of each piece of equipment to maximise the usefulness of the facility for your users and ensure it is delivered to the very highest standards. And having an expert team on hand can save you time, reduce the risk of errors or snagging, and get your project completed on time and to budget.

Contact the Care Spaces team for a consultation about Changing Places today by using the form below, or call for a discussion