A Changing Places installation needs to meet a certain standard and that includes the equipment

changing places equipment 1

The generous floor space is what makes a Changing Places facility unique. Standard accessible toilets are proven to be too small for some wheelchair users who require assistance to use the bathroom.

Your Changing Place facility will be designed to the size recommended by BS8300-2:2018 standards to accommodate the specialist equipment and appropriate wheelchair turning space. If you still have questions about Changing Places room dimensions, we recommend reading our popular blog:

What size should a Changing Place facility be?

So what equipment is required?

People may be limited in their own mobility so need equipment to help them to either get on the toilet or other care necessities. Below is a typical plan showing the equipment that a registered Changing Place must incorporate


Changing Places room plan


Each Changing Places toilet is required to provide the following equipment:

Accessories and Furnishings

The smaller furnishings in a Changing Places toilet can easily be overlooked in the design. The list below are products required to ensure a compliant finish on your build.

  • A wide tear off paper roll dispenser, for covering the changing bench
  • Folding grab rails either side of the toilet
  • Fixed vertical grab rails either side of the toilet and basin
  • Horizontal grab rail on the toilet door
  • Two large waste bins, one for standard waste and one for clinical waste
  • A large mirror, bottom edge 600mm above the floor
  • A manually operated hand dryer
  • A colostomy bag shelf
  • At least two coat hooks

Complete your space and visit our accessories page, Changing Places accessories

What does a compliant Changing Places facility look like?

The video below demonstrates the compliance requirements of a Changing Places toilet facility. We also share some useful tips and tricks, to assist in making the space safer and more practical.

Watch our guided walkthrough of the Changing Places toilet project we completed at the Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading.



Care Spaces is completely committed to the Changing Places initiative, and we are proud to say that we have delivered hundreds of these facilities throughout the UK

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