A prestigious hi-rise development in North London had an exclusive basement-level pool, which was well equipped and a desirable place to spend time relaxing. However, for the development to provide a facility that was accessible for all, additional work was required to install a pool hoist for one of the residents.

A fixed hoist had previously been installed when the pool was originally built, but there were some practical limitations which meant that it had fallen into disuse, and a more flexible and discreet option for their exclusive fitness environment was necessary. CareSpaces were able to advise on the choice of mobile pool hoists available that would fulfil the requirements.

Design considerations

CareSpaces quickly discovered the principle limitations to the design of the pool hoist were based around storage and access. It was essential that the pool hoist was compact and easy to move, yet also supportive. The hoist needed:

  • to be moved via a lift at the property to where it would be stored
  • easy to manouvre in areas where width access was restricted
  • the right length to work on the narrow pool edge
  • to support the necessary weight capacity (based on the resident user)
  • be easy to transfer into and out of from a wheelchair

The client chose the BluPool pool hoist.

The right solution

The compact BluPool lift offers convenient transfer to and from the pool. The hoist also offered excellent lifting capacity for the client, with a fast lift and lower operation and a comfortable seat. The safety wheel braking system provides additional peace of mind, and the size of the hoist ensures there is no issues with storage or poolside access.

The new hoist has now been delivered, with installation taking place quickly and easily and causing minimal disruption. Care Spaces provided relevant staff with necessary training on operation, and now the BluPool enables safe transfers for users with reduced mobility. Residents can now access the pool safely every day with minimum hassle or fuss.