The benefits of swimming for people with disabilities

Our previous blog explored the types of pool hoists and why they are a smart investment for water facilities. However, we believe it is essential to consider the importance of swimming and water access for people with disabilities. It is imperative that we provide access to water facilities for everyone, because of the immense mental and physical benefits.  


Physical benefits: 

It is common for people with disabilities to experience joint and muscle pain. Swimming and hydrotherapy can reduce and manage this pain significantly. 

  • When immersed in water we experience hydrostatic pressure – the deeper you go in the water the more pressure your body experiences which decreases swelling. This is especially beneficial when exercising and completing rehab exercises  
  • The hydrostatic pressure also compresses our chest wall when we exhale. This means we release more air that we would normally which in turn increases our inspiratory muscle strength  
  • Hydrostatic pressure also increases circulation, reduces lactic acid, and promotes detoxification – it takes the lactic acid produced during exercise and moves blood back to the body’s main organs by applying pressure to parts of the body further away from the heart. This improved circulation increases detoxification in the blood  
  • Water buoyancy supports body weight which reduces the stress on joints   
physical benefits of swimming

Mental benefits: 

Swimming has also been shown to have numerous benefits for mental health.  

  • Being immersed in water boosts the blood flow to the brain, increasing the supply of oxygen, glucose, and nutrients to the brain  
  • Exercising reduces anxiety and depression – exercise releases endorphins, a hormone that makes you feel happy  
  • For adults living with conditions such as dementia, swimming is a great way to improve memory focus and concentration  
mental benefits

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