Pool hoists are used as a safe method of transfer into swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis.

When researching the different types of pool hoist, it is important to bear in mind who will be using it. Is the hoist for a specific group of people or is it to provide transfers for as many different people as possible? This will affect your decision on the type of hoist you choose.

How are they operated?

Typically, pool hoists are either battery-powered with a removable battery pack for charging elsewhere or hydraulically operated. As a result, no mains power needs to be run to the poolside, so pool lifts can also be installed post-construction of necessary.  


Mobile or fixed?

An array of pool hoists are available, either fixed to the pool surround or mobile. Both options have their advantages: 

A mobile pool hoist is the best option when the structure surrounding the pool cannot adequately support the installation of a floor socket. Usually this occurs when there is underfloor heating or a plant room under the pool surround. Mobile pool lifts can also be stored easily away from the poolside; however, they are generally quite large so sufficient spaces must be allocated for storage.  

Waterlane Leisure Centre 3

Fixed pool lifts are generally easier to operate because they do not require staff or carers to manoeuvre into position like a mobile lift would. Additionally, some of them are designed to be dismantled for storage away from the poolside, and they can be stored more compactly that mobile pool lifts. Fixed pool lifts are also available with a higher weight capacity than mobile pool lifts, up to a maximum of 250kg.  

grey heron pool hoist

Manual or powered lifting and rotation?

Traditionally pool lifts are designed with manual rotation to lift from poolside into the pool and back again. In this case, a caregiver is required who can rotate the pool lift.  

However, in an age where independence is key, more pool hoists are being manufactured with powered rotation. This has several benefits but most importantly than users can complete the transfers themselves, or if a carer is assisting, powered rotation leads to a smoother transfer and less strain on the carer. 


The benefits of having a pool hoist:

The primary reason for having a pool hoist is that everyone should have the option to enjoy using the facilities. Upon initial consideration, it may seem that pool hoists cater only for people with disabilities. However, the hoists can also be used for the elderly and heavily pregnant women who are unable to use the steps or ladders into the pool.  

By including a pool hoist at your facility, you are not only ensuring you are operating as a more inclusive business, but you will be boosting your footfall as you are catering to a much larger group of people.  


Our hoists:

With a range of pool hoists available, we’re sure to have the perfect solution for you: 


  • Mobile 
  • Pushed to position  
  • Anti-tip stabilising system  
  • Push button to lower 
  • Seat with integrated drain holes  
  • Adjustable footrest  
  • Safety belt  
  • Lift-up armrest for transfers  
  • 50 lifting cycles  
  • Suitable for in-ground pools 
  • 136kg weight capacity 
I-Swim Pool Hoist

I-Swim 2: 

  • Mobile 
  • Pushed to poolside  
  • No assistant required for transfers  
  • 90 degree rotating seat to lift from poolside into pool  
  • Exclusive turning counterweight means it is 40% lighter  
  • Corrosion resistant structure  
  • Safety belt  
  • Lift-up armrests 
  • Adjustable footrest 
  • 50 lifting cycles  
  • Available in models for in-ground or above ground pool design 
  • 136kg weight capacity
I-Swim Pool Hoist 2

I-Swim 3: 

  • Fixed  
  • Moveable arms that can be configured for 4 different settings  
  • Available in two sizes, 180kg lifting capacity and 250kg lifting capacity  
  • Options for fixed seat, movable seat, or stretcher  
  • Flexible with multiple configurations 
  • 50 lifting cycles  
  • Available in models for in-ground or above ground pool design 
I Swim3


  • Stainless steel to prevent corrosion  
  • Available in 4 different designs to suit environment   
  • Works with above or below ground pools 
  • Battery powered lifting actuator 
  • Manual rotation  
  • Spreader bar option available for sling lifting 
  • 135kg weight capacity
Heron Pool Hoist


  • Available with a spreader bar/sling or ranger detachable transporter chair  
  • Assistant operated 
  • Powder-coated steel construction 
  • Hydraulic lifting mechanism 
  • 140kg weight capacity 
Dipper Pool Hoist