SEN transformations for inclusivity

Through the SEN Code of Practice, the law requires that schools take all reasonable steps to identify and provide for those children with SEN through action to assist the child make progress towards reaching their personal potential.

Earlier this year, CareSpaces were contacted by Kent County Council on behalf of a Primary Academy in Gravesend to design and install a hygiene room. The room was needed for a new pupil with additional needs starting at the school in the September. This is something our team specialise in and knowing how the hygiene room would allow this child, and others going forward, to attend the school just like their peers made us even more determined to make it happen.

Overcoming challenges for compliance

During the consultation phase with the school in May, we were shown to an old store cupboard which was to be the desired location of the new hygiene room. With the room being too small to adhere to regulations, our designs had to incorporate the reconfiguration of walls in the neighbouring classrooms. However, making a compliant space out of a room that didn’t meet regulations was just the first of our many challenges.

The next hurdle we were faced with was the discovery of asbestos which required removal under a specialist license. We were able to obtain the permit and safely clear the asbestos from the school in order to begin work.

Our third and final challenge was the time scale in which to complete the project. We had the school summer holiday period to start, complete and hand over ready for the new school year.  This project presented us with three big challenges right from the start, but they didn’t deter us – we love a challenge!

Our expert team pull out all the stops

Our first task was to reconfigure the walls in the old storeroom by utilising space from two neighbouring classrooms. Once complete, we began work on the hygiene room by installing:

As well as working continuously on the hygiene room to complete it on time, we also put new flooring down in the neighbouring classrooms that had been affected by the wall reconfiguration, along with new wall decor.

A fantastic hygiene room

The tight time frame was always going to be challenge for us; however, our amazing team completed the hygiene room (and the two classrooms) with a day to spare. It was an incredible achievement, and we were determined not to let the new pupil down. They now have a well-lit, modern hygiene room which staff and pupils are very pleased with – plus it is now a safe area that fully complies with building regulations.