Changing Places toilet facilities are increasing in numbers across the UK. Bradford residents and visitors in particular are now making use of Changing Places facilities within supermarkets, shopping centres and leisure centres, improving accessibility and their visit to the city.

During 2019 Bradford Council updated one of it’s leisure centres, Sedbergh Leisure Centre with an all-new refurbishment at a cost of around £17.5 million and Care Spaces were assigned to install the Changing Places toilet as part of the grand scheme.

Working alongside the architect and the contactor, Care Spaces designed and delivered this full-specification Changing Places facility.

Working with the architect to ensure compliance of the space to the relevant British Standard (BS8300) for designing accessible buildings and the Changing Places guidelines, we designed the layout and fixing detail of the equipment within this space adjacent to the leisure centre pool.

We then worked hand-in-hand with the main contractor to ensure that services were installed to the correct locations, and that the room was built to take the hoist installation.

This Changing Places facility has the following equipment installed:

The WC was installed by the main contractor.

Having completed the installation, we then assisted the contractor with the handover of the room, with a training session for the staff.