Under Building Regulations and British Standards, a Changing Places should be provided in any facilities to which numbers of the public have access, and/or spend a length of time and should be in addition to any wheelchair-accessible toilets.

The Range is a well-known home, garden and leisure superstore with branches across the country. The brand is widely considered to offer fairly functional, budget-friendly products, so it came as no surprise that when we were asked to provide a quotation for a Changing Places facility within their Telford store, they chose a relatively simple, low-specification and budget-conscious design where the focus was on accessibility and not aesthetics.

The range Telford 3


Design elements of this install included:

  • White PVC cladding for easy cleaning
  • Grey, non-slip, easy-clean vinyl flooring
  • Specified toilet, basin and other fixtures and fittings
  • Slimline wall post system for the hoist

Although the client opted for lower specification fixtures and fittings due to budget constraints, this Changing Place is just as compliant as those we’ve provided with high-end specification.

Care Spaces provided the contractor with a drawn design which was quickly approved. Since there were no other customer toilets located within this store, the Changing Places install was constructed within a space in the store using a lightweight steel and plasterboard frame. This also made it necessary to choose a slimline wall post system for the hoist, as this doesn’t rely on ceiling fixtures.

After the contractor built the room and completed connection of services, Care Spaces attended site to carry out the installation of the equipment. This was completed in just two days and the client is very happy with their new Changing Places facility.

This case study demonstrates that it’s possible to install an effective, compliant Changing Place in an existing space on a relatively low budget. To find out more about Changing Places specifications and compliance, head to our Changing Places overview page.

This Changing Place has now been registered and is present on the National Map.

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