Design & Installation of Equipment to Support a Private Client at Home

Spinal injuries are a common reason for a loss of physical independence. For this case study, Care Spaces were involved in the design and installation of a bespoke extension of the living quarters in a private residence, for a client we’ll refer to as Mr B for the purpose of this case study.

Mr B has previously suffered a spinal injury and relies on his wheelchair to navigate his home. He had instructed an architect to design and build an extension in place of an existing double garage, and this extension would contain both a bedroom and a bathroom, purpose-designed to his needs and to improve his quality of life. The architect quickly realised that he needed expert advice for the design and placement of the care equipment needed to make the project a success so approached Care Spaces for support.

The hoist was one of the key components of the design. We recommended an XY ceiling track hoist connected by a magnetic transition gate system, that would enable carers to safely and easily transfer Mr B between bedroom and bathroom.

Design and installation - Bedroom ceiling hoist

Care Spaces also determined which bathroom equipment would be best suited to Mr B based on his individual needs. We identified the need for a washer/dryer toilet, and MrB decided that as a single user not sharing his bathroom facilities, he preferred a static-height hand basin. We also recommended an Avero care bath with air spa system. Not only does this height-adjustable bath make it easier for carers to comfortably support Mr B with bathing, but the air spa also provides a relaxing, therapeutic massage effect that he can enjoy.

After having the design of the new extension approved by Mr B, Care Spaces worked alongside the architect and the project manager to oversee the installation of the hoist system, as well as the bathroom equipment. We have undertaken training on the equipment where required, as well as routine servicing.

Mr B is delighted with his new extension, and we look forward to ensuring his care equipment remains in the best possible condition.